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I was browsing through the Amazon Prime movies on television and say "Escape to Athena" described by IMDB as:
A World War II adventure, involving a group of Allied P.O.W.s, Nazis, black market priceless art treasures, Greek resistance, a Greek monastery, and a secret German rocket base.

OK, a little hokey, but with a cast of:
Roger Moore as Major Otto Hecht: an Austrian who is the Wehrmacht commandant of the POW camp, a former antiques dealer
Telly Savalas as Zeno: the head of the Greek island's resistance movement
David Niven as Professor Blake: senior British officer amongst the prisoners and a well-known archaeologist
Stefanie Powers as Dottie Del Mar: an American USO artist (in fact, stripper), who was shot down with Charlie and detained in the POW camp
Elliott Gould as Charlie Dane: an American comedian, USO performer and professional partner of Dottie
Claudia Cardinale as Eleana: a local madame, girlfriend of Zeno
Richard Roundtree as Sgt. Nat Judson: African-American POW and amateur magician
Sonny Bono as Bruno Rotelli: an Italian POW, professional chef
Anthony Valentine as Maj. Volkmann: SS officer, town commandant and Hecht's rival
Siegfried Rauch as Lt. Braun: SS officer under Volkmann's command
Richard Wren as Capt. Reistoffer: Volkmann's adjutant
Michael Sheard as Sgt. Mann: Hecht's senior camp NCO
Philip Locke as Major Vogel
Steve Ubels as Capt. Lantz
Paul Picerni as Zeno's Man
Paul Stassino as Zeno's Man

William Holden as Prisoner Smoking (he was visiting his girlfriend Stefanie Powers during filming and was persuaded to make a cameo, presumably reprising his role as Stalag 17 escapee Sergeant Sefton).

with that cast how bad could it be?  

The first half or two thirds was more or less WWII comedy.  The last was half way decent action movie and includes a fantastic motorcycle chase.  Bike with side car on the narrow streets of Rhodes?  Good stuff.  


The last dance scene, Telly Savalas and Claudine Cardinale

My GAWD!  The whole movie!  The intro, with the dawn over the monatery, is some nice camera work.


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