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GUITARS: a good Acoustic ?

Widder, SASS #59054

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16 hours ago, Equanimous Phil said:


Hey Widder


Just curious ^_^ Have you found a nice guitar in the meantime?


Howdy Phil and others.


I'm still officially searching.   But I have raised the limit on cost.

So far, I've tried only a multitude of Taylor's.   Haven't tried Martin or Takamine.


So far, the Taylor 414ce and 814ce have captured my fancy.   Although I didn't know it when

I was testing them out, after I picked both of those models, the salesman informed me that BOTH

of them had the new 'V' frame or 'V' support inside.

I could definitely tell the difference between some 2018 models vs the newer models.


Weather and public health restrictions have limited my efforts to check out more at this time.


Thanks to everyone for all the information.


Hey FJT:   Thanks for the info on your Martins.  Right now, I still need to check them out before

making any decisions.




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