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July Smith

WTT Colt 1911 at TX State Shoot

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Posted (edited)

I plan on being at Comancheria Days for the main match on April 12-13.  I've got a few guns I'd like to try and trade in person with another SASS member if possible.


First is a Colt Commander.  See link for specs.  This is a stainless steel Wiley Clapp version in 45 ACP.  I bought this new and have approximately 500rds through it.  Used not abused.  Original box, paperwork, Two 8rd magazines, etc.  Currently wearing a set of Grashorn Elk grips, but also have the originals.  For those unfamiliar with the Wiley Clapp 1911s, they have the traditional or "series 70" style trigger.  Trade value $900-1000 



For trades, I will consider but am not limited to the following.  Also willing to kick in extra cash if you have something I want that is of greater value than my items.


1)  A Uberti 1866 or 1873 in 44-40.  I'm really only interested in the octagonal barrel rifle versions.  Would prefer stock, or action work done by a reputable SASS smith.  

2)  Colt revolvers or Colt clones again in 44-40.  Not interested in the newer Ubertis with the "three-click" hammers.

3)  SKB or BSS SxS Shotguns that are SASS ready with the action work being done by a reputable SASS smith.  

4)  Browning (Miroku) lever actions 1892, 1886, 1895, 53.  Not interested in the newer Winchester (Miroku) with the tang safeties and rebounding hammers.

5)  S&W revolvers.  Sort of picky on my S&Ws.  Really only interested in 22LRs and 357mags.  Prefer "pre-models" or at least versions that still have pinned barrels and recessed chambers.


I'll probably add more guns and wishlist items as the match draws closer.  Feel free to PM me offers and we will iron out the details.  Again I would prefer to trade, but always willing to consider cash.






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Bump.  Have a buyer already lined up for both if no trades can be worked out.  

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Bump.  Will try to update with pictures this evening.

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