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"Martin purchased the gun that was used in the shooting in 2014, police said. Ziman said Martin purchased the weapon after being issued a firearm owner's identification card, and after passing the initial background check.

Five days after taking possession of the weapon, a Smith & Wesson 40-caliber handgun, Martin tried to obtain a concealed carry permit.

But during the fingerprinting and background process it was discovered that he had a felony conviction for assault in Mississippi, police said. The date of conviction was in 1995. Police said the conviction would not necessarily have shown up on the background check for a gun owner's license.

Because of the conviction, Martin's concealed carry permit was rejected and his license to own a weapon was revoked by Illinois State Police, police said.

Ziman said as part of the investigation into the shooting, investigators would try to determine why Martin never surrendered his weapon to police as he should have."



I find it sadly interesting that much of the problems that occur with the "active shooter" is that they continually get in under the wire. As an adamant conservative, gun toting, somewhat religious middle American, I want to go to the plate breaking room and have at it every time I hear they didn't report this or that they failed to send that to the powers that be. And it is usually reported in the most nonchalant manner that you can hear the yawning. 

People are murdered. And you would think there would be accountability. I realize that our "government" can lose $6,000,000,000.00 dollars and call it bad record keeping. What does it matter now.

I fervently wish that some politicians would look at the actual world.


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This just shows you that keeping firearms out of the hands of prohibited persons is not a priority for the sheriff or the police chief in the county or city where Mr. Martin lived. 

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