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When a Duelist pulls out the 2nd revolver and the 1st revolver is still out with live rounds (2 loaded revolvers out at the same time – only legal when in the Gunfighter or B-Western Category), can the shooter re-holster the 2nd revolver before shooting any rounds and not get penalized for shooting out of category? 

ROC Reply: In this situation, the shooter may holster one of the firearms to avoid the penalty, up until the point when either of the two revolvers is cocked.

In other words, unless ONE of the revolvers is cocked, the shooter may simply holster one of the revolvers to avoid the penalty.


Note: The “2 loaded revolvers out” ruling applies to ALL non-Gunfighter/B-Western shooters, not to Duelists exclusively (e.g. a Gunfighter/B-Western competitor shooting in a category other than Gunfighter or B-Western who draws both pistols out of habit).


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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