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TRR replacing Cody-Dixon w/ Sharpshooter catebory

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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Due to civilization's ever forward march we have stopped allowing rifle-caliber events at TRR


We have added the Sharpshooter club-category so the old CD shooters can still have a very similar event (+ a bit more)



►Shotgun:  same as SASS

►Pistols:  will shoot at the SASS rifle targets  (using the SASS pistol instructions)

►Rifle:  will shoot at 10 rounds at the Sharpshooter targets that are placed somewhere between the SASS rifle targets and the old CD targets.  They will use the same instructions as the SASS rifle) 

Right now they are about 50 yards but can be moved further out as shooter input dictates.


►We have the same number of SASS pistol, SASS rifle and Sharpshooter targets so this allows us to use the same basic directions and just change the bank of targets shot at.


We are doing this to keep the element of accuracy that some of the shooters really like.  


Saturday is our 2nd go-round.  First time last Sat went fine.

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