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End of Trail 2018 TG Meeting

PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L

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Here are the items that were referred to the ROC:

(except the DNF scoring issues, which were covered at length after the "Safety Glasses" ruling...suggest readdressing that separately as there are numerous factors involved)

ROC recommendations/responses are in RED


RE: Reshoots for "RO interference/impeding"

The idea of having pre-interference Procedural & Miss penalties carry forward to the reshoot score, along, of course, with safety penalties which carry forward under current SASS rules.


RE: Instances in which a shooter having a bad run intentionally contacts the TO, expecting a reshoot.

The appropriate response is a MATCH DQ for "unsportsmanlike conduct".


Open Category be made available in which a shooter would compete only for the overall winner award.
There appeared to be little consensus and the matter was deferred without action.


Those shooting Frontiersman category be required to shoot a hammered shotgun.

ROC RECOMMENDATION: NO! This would require Frontiersman competitors currently using hammerless shotguns to purchase one with hammers.


1. Eliminate the automatic SDQ penalty for leaving the LT and coming to the line of engagement with the hammer back on the rifle. 

"In such instances, the shooter would be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to FULL COCK if it's in the "safety notch, and pull the trigger.  If no bullet was fired, the shooter would be directed to finish staging firearms and to complete the stage (No Call).  If a round fired when the shooter pulled the trigger, the shooter would be assessed a SDQ and directed to proceed to the ULT." 



2. Reducing the penalty for showing up at the LT with empties in a revolver from a SDQ on the previous stage to a Minor Safety.
RECOMMENDATION: NO RULE CHANGE. The penalty is a SDQ for failure to adhere to loading/unloading procedures”; violating one of the most serious of SASS safety protocols.


3. Make squibs the subject of progressive penalties in a match—a MSV for the first, SDQ for the second and MDQ for the third.

RECOMMENDATION: NO CHANGEThere is already a provision for a T/O to request the shooter to change ammo (RO2 p.8)


4a. RE: SASS "DEFAULT" starting posture when no stage instructions on point are given.

In particular, the proposal suggested that shooters would be required to have their hands at their side.
Misty pointed out that the current SASS rules dealing with the matter specify a default posture that includes hands at sides.  

4b. RE: A recent suggestion that a shooter violates the current SASS default posture rule if he or she looks down at his guns or ammo.

Misty indicated that the SASS rules do NOT prohibit doing that. 


RE: Empty hulls/brass remaining in long guns"

There is currently little or NO INTEREST in addressing/changing the current rules.



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