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SASS Wire Classifieds Terms and Guidelines 03/30/2018

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  •   You must be a registered member to post in the Classifieds. (no Guests)

  •   All items posted for sale must include a price. This is NOT an Auction/bidding site, and linking to

    offsite auctions is prohibited. “Make me an offer” with no posted base price is prohibited. If you are

    looking for a specific item in trade, then the item/items being sought must be listed in the post.

  •   If your item has sold, or a deal is pending, please edit or delete your post to reflect this. For sale threads

    older than 60 days without reply or bump will be removed.

  •   All person-to-person sales must comply with all applicable city, county, state and federal rules and


  •   NO Firearm sales of any kind IF the seller holds a current FFL (Why? Because determining the difference

    between a personal sale and a business sale is impossible)


inappropriate will be deleted, including avatars and profile pictures.

cannot contain sexual or violent content and must not violate any copyright.



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