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SOLD......... Stoger SxS 12ga

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I broke my main match gun just before WR so I contacted Joe Brisco, (Cowboy Shooters Supply-aka Brisco Kid), for a new Stoger coachgun supreme and picked it up at Winter Range  as a backup if my backup shotgun broke...I used it one stage (when the backup had a glitch) at Winter Range, and it operated flawlessly.  I now have my main match gun back along with it's matching backup so I would like to sell this shotgun. 


It has a single trigger, with stay open modification, howned chambers, 21 inch barrel, 12 guage,  heavy recoil pad, fast pointing shooter. No dings, dents, scratches etc., also includes choke tubes.........As new...$575 shipped............I paid $599 witout shipping.........Good Deal for someone wanting to move up to a fast shotgun without the $1500 expense.  Shoots Winchester AA Low recoil and dumps easily.

Right view.jpg

Left view.jpg


right 2.jpg

chambers 2.jpg

left 2.jpg

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