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TRR in Magnolia, TX shooting Sat, Jan 27

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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It's that time again, time to beat back the evil steel targets and knockdowns


relive your youth playing Cowboys and Indians . . . with real bullets!


registration cuts off at 9:30 and after our beloved President-for-Life Blackpowder Burn finishes speaking, and speaking and speaking


we'll shoot up the countryside.


details are located at our club website:  http://www.thunderriverrenegades.com/


the match booklet is attached if you're interested in what's going to happen


Please note that we are starting an hour later than we usually do for certain members need their beauty sleep





1-26 booklet.pdf

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at this point we're still planning the best shoot on Jan 27 in Grimes Co. Texas!


we have covered boardwalks and awnings on the stages and "We ain't scared no rain!"


nothing like a few rivlets slowly sliding down your back as your rifle barrel hisses from the raindrops. 


and the Black Powder seems to hang there forever.


Texas is not for the faint of heart!



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