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WTB 1858 Pietta Remmie Frame only

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Made paper cartridges and used wheel weight lead (that was soft) busted the pivot bolt to the ball plunger and bent the frame.


Hassle with my Steel version 1858, but worked well shooting.




PS I have already been lambasted for this in the Saloon by the lumpy grit eaters.

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4 hours ago, Wolfgang, SASS #53480 said:

It sounds like you have a nice collection of spare parts.   Buy a steel frame Remington and be happy that you have a parts collection.  Just my thoughts . . . .  :)


I sawr a frame on Gunbroker the other day.  Seen em on EBay.


as a last resort I be making a stubby


Dang I was gonna PM you to ask about this.


Kindest Regards,



Hairless, Pennyless, and Stupid. (translation of the Spanish/Mexican version of The word Pelon)

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