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interesting data you can get from ACES scoring program

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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Was looking at yesterday's match results and discovered you can cut and paste the results into an Excel-like program (or Excel if you have it)


There it is easy to determine things like average times for each of the stages; from there you can see if any of the stages was 'off' as far as time it takes to shoot it is concerned.  We had one that was almost 10 seconds on average slower than the fastest one.  All the others grouped in the 40-44 second range.  We can then look at that stage to see what caused the time difference (for some reason the 6 KD were ornery on that stage--go figure).  The ones folks complained about turned out to really not be that slow 


You can determine the average time for the entire match as well as average time per stage (different from average time for each stage)


Since Texas doesn't understand the concept of Fall we had a couple of cowboys drop out for heat related reasons.  It was easy to clear contents in all of their scoring boxes if that is your wish 


Just something I found interesting and wanted to share with the Wire


cheyenne (who was in this customary 2 1/2 times slower than the Top Dawg position)



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