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Hi Folks,


Since the last software upgrade, I have been unable to find a link to the Guidelines on the forums. If you find one, please let me know where it is. I did find them on the Administrator Control Panel. They are as follow.


"Forum Terms & RulesPlease take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.The SASS Wire is the official forum of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. All users are subject to the policies set for by The Single Action Shooting Society in their Moderator Guidelines posted on this site. Users are allowed only one registration. Multiple registrations will be deleted without notice. The SASS Wire is for NON-COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ONLY. Commercial Posts, Pile On Infomercials or links from merchants or dealers will be deleted and repeat offenders will be suspended from using the SASS Wire. SASS reserves the right to remove and delete any malicious, demeaning, instigating or threatening posts without notice. SASS reserves the right to disallow solicitations of membership, commercial posts, fundraising efforts, links to other bulletin boards or chat rooms, and plain rude behavior and will delete such posts without notice. Repeat offenders will be banned from the SASS Wire without notice. SASS in no way endorses or guarantees any information posted on these pages. All postings are deleted after 30 days. Opinions expressed here do not in any way reflect the opinions of The Single Action Shooting Society®, or any of its employees.

The SASS WireThe SASS Wire is designed to provide a series of forums where folks gather and share ideas of similar interests. It’s about fun and family and guests are welcome. We respect everyone’s Constitutional Rights, however, we do not allow those rights to be an excuse for rude behavior or abuse of the Wire. The SASS Wire is an added bonus to SASS membership. It is not a stated benefit, and as such its use by any individual is a privilege. SASS is not obligated to provide this service to anyone and we reserve the right to refuse such service to anyone at anytime

The SASS Wire shall never be used as a forum for individuals to use for financial gain, the promotion of any membership organization (including other internet bulletin boards), the defamation, libel or slander of SASS or any of its owners, directors, employees or volunteers, a fundraising, petition, or charity venue or the promotion of religion, politics, sexism, profanity, pornography or any illegal endeavor.The SASS Wire is not to be used for individuals to challenge vendors or ague their cases or conflicts. It is never to be used as a leveraging tool for any reason. Those are personal issues and not acceptable on the Wire.The SASS Wire is a solely owned entity of the Single Action Shooting Society. And as an entity of SASS, it is controlled and directed by the SASS Board of DirectorsThe SASS Wire Moderators Camp is were all issues in need of attention are discussed and reviewed.Authority and Responsibilities of the SASS Wire ModeratorsSASS Wire Forum Moderators are like Range Officers at a SASS Cowboy Action Shooting match. They keep the range safe and enforce the rules so that all are treated equally for the enjoyment of the game.SASS Wire Moderators serve as a reliable contact of information, direction and encouragement. We are here to help you.We prefer to let the conversation flow unfettered, however, there are cases in which the SASS Wire Moderators will intervene. SASS Wire Moderators have the ability and authority to close, re-open, move, and delete topics; and edit posts within the forum they moderate.Moderators have the authority to represent the SASS Wire Policies by communicating directly with members and posting in their assigned forums. SASS Wire Moderator authority is limited to the policies as described in this document and in no way should be construed to represent SASS corporate policies or operation.Generally, Moderators have a threefold responsibility: to ensure that members are following the community rules, to assist new members, and to help with information when they can.Moderator Responsibilities:- A Topic is the entire thread.- A Message is a post within a thread.Editing Messages: ProceduralSASS Wire Moderators have the authority to Edit Messages and are directed to do so when the message:• Contains profanity, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism or offensive statements;• Innocently violates the board rules in some other way;• Contains links to unacceptable or offending web sites.Editing is visible to the community; whenever a message is edited, the date/time/edit and author are shown within the message.Closing a Topic: ProceduralSASS Wire Moderators have the authority to Close Topics and are directed to do so when the message:• Is beating a dead horse;• Is instigating in nature;• Contains good and valuable information but is heading in a non-productive direction;• Point is clearly made, both sides had their say or a truce or mutual understanding is made.Delete a Topic or Message: Stage DQSASS Wire Moderators have the authority to Delete Topics and are directed to do so when the message:• Contains defamatory, libelous or slanderous statements against SASS, its owners, employees or moderators, or volunteers;• Contains defamatory, libelous or slanderous statements against any business, individual or public entity;• Contains offensive behavior or plain rudeness;• Is instigating in nature;• Contains racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, pornographic or profane content;• Contains links to unacceptable, offensive or illegal sites;• Is clearly a commercial post;• Has become an infomercial;• Is completely off-topic in an individual forum;• No part of the topic/message is salvageable by editing.Basically, whenever there is no value to the community that demands leaving the topic/message in place. In most cases the SASS Wire Moderators will e-mail the topic initiator to explain why it was deleted, unless the reason is totally obvious.Suspension of Posting Privileges: Match DQSASS Wire Moderators have the authority to Suspend the Posting Privileges and are directed to do so when a User commits to or is responsible for:• Repeated violations of the stated board rules or forum rules;• Offensive behavior (e.g., posting offensive material, harassing other members, spamming, trolling);• Instigation of controversial issues sometime referred to as "stirring the fire;"• Driving away other members;• Repeated attempts to circumvent moderation;• Direct public challenges to any Moderator, SASS Wire Administrator, SASS board of directors, employee or volunteer;• Leading a lynch mob.BannedOnly the Administrator has the authority to Ban Users from the SASS Wire. This measure will be taken as a last resort. Some reasons a user might be banned:• Attempts at hacking or destroying the forum;• Repeated violation of the stated board rules or forum rules;• Repeated offensive and rude behavior (trolling);• Driving away other members;• Repeatedly instigating controversial issues;• Repeated attempts to circumvent moderation;• Direct public challenges to any Moderator, SASS Wire Administrator, SASS board of directors, employee or volunteer;• Verified verbal or written attacks or threats against SASS, its board of directors, Administrators, Moderators, employees and volunteers in any public internet forum;• Verified verbal or written libel, slander or defamation against SASS, its board of directors, Administrators, Moderators, employees and volunteers in any public internet forum;• Leading a lynch mob.Banning a member means that he/she can no longer post messages on the SASS Wire. Normally, unruly members are given a warning prior to actually being banned, since that is a fairly serious step. Only the SASS Board of Directors can reverse a banned user.Banning is accomplished by permanently blocking the individuals e-mail address and in some cases his IP Address. It also involves deleting the users registration and all current posts.Banning of individuals require a majority consensus of the Moderators or by issue from the SASS Board of Directors. The next step is legal action as determined by the SASS Board of Directors.

A Note About Commercial Posts!Q:Why no commercial Posts?A: SASS decided the SASS Wire would be a commercial free site. SASS believes it keeps the site pure and honest without the influence of savvy business programs designed to solicit the users. Keeping it commercial free has played an important role.Q: What is a commercial Post?A: A commercial post is when a company, business or proprietor comes on the Wire and posts their website or promotion or when they directly solicit business in response to another’s post for advice. This post is deleted immediately.A commercial post is also when a company, business or proprietor uses others to skirt the rules to create an infomercial or promotion. These users will be notified after the post is deleted. Pile on praise turns an acceptable recommendation into an infomercial and will be deleted.It is perfectly acceptable for members and users to comment, criticize and praise any company or business.It is perfectly acceptable to provide a link to the site with helpful information.It is not acceptable to slander a company, business or proprietor on the SASS Wire.It is not acceptable for a business owner who is also a SASS member to post a link to his/her business website in the signature of their post. In this case the SASS Wire Administer edits the user profile and issues a warning.

Unacceptable Links in your Permanent SignatureLinks to commercial or offensive web sites as well as bulletin boards, chat rooms in the permanent signature line of any user is not acceptable.Acceptable Links in your Permanent Signature• Links to your personal non-commercial web site;• Links to your shooting club(s).Unacceptable Links in your Posts or TopicsAn unacceptable link in a User’s Post is one that directs users of the SASS Wire to other sites that• Are pornographic or profane in content;• Promote anti-SASS dissention and defamation;• Is considered offensive or illegal.Q: What is an acceptable link in a User’s Post?A: Links to any legitimate business as long as the Users intent is to provide helpful information to other users of the Wire and not provide a promotional vehicle for the benefit of the business.

Acceptable Avatars- The avatar you choose should reflect the nature and/or history of cowboy action shooting and old west as much as your dress/attire at a match.- You may post photos of yourself (in appropriate dress/attire), historic figures of the period, photos of western film stars, or objects of the period.Examples:OK - Photo of you shooting at a CAS matchOK - Photo of you in cowboy attire or period costumeOK - Photo of Jesse JamesOK - Photo of John Wayne in cowboy attireOK - Photo of a single action pistolOK - Photo of a cowboy badgeOK - Photo of cowboy riding into sunsetNOT OK - Photo of you on your Harley DavidsonNOT OK - Photo of you in civilian clothesNOT OK - Photo of Harry S. TrumanNOT OK - Photo of Tom Sellick in Military UniformNOT OK - Photo of a 1911 or GlockNOT OK - Photo of your horse or dogNOT OK - Photo of a sunset- Cartoons, illustrations, or animated avatars will be removed. Animated .gif's will be removed on sight.NOT OK - ANY animated image or image that otherwise "moves"NOT OK - LOGOS OF ANY KIND (Including Club Logos)NOT OK - Cartoon of cowboy, horse, gun, etc.NOT OK - Drawing of John WayneNOT OK - Illustration of Jesse JamesNOT OK - Illustration of a cowboy badgeSASS Wire Avatars should reflect as much on the cowboy action shooting experience as attending a match.

Notice: These guidelines cover the basic rules and practices of the SASS Wire. It goes without saying unique circumstance can and will arise that are not outlined in this guideline that require action by SASS and/or the SASS Wire Moderators. SASS Wire Users are asked to use common sense, decorum and respect for others when participating on the SASS Wire."


Edited by Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217
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