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WTB: Black Powder Revolver Parts


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My back yard Rehab-Clinic for old-broken-rusted and abused Black Powder Revolvers is in need of more parts. All parts.  Even Beaters that I can scavenge parts from, or poor neglected shooters that need some TLC.  Won't believe the pile of crap I've acquired from folks what used to own some of these, that never cleaned em, and left 'em to rot.  Even a poor 

Ruger Old Army where the bore is barely, maybe somewhat shootable.  Rehabbed BP revolvers are passed on to those that will use them.  


So, if you have something I might be interested in, let me know whatcha got and what you'd like for it (including shipping to Naw'th Ca'lina).  I am lookin' for cheap, so keep that in mind.

Also, if someone has a worn Ruger Old Army or parts,  (doesn't have to be fixed sight), maybe we can talk.




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