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very disappointed in my kids

Trigger Mike

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being that I've spent days watching episodes of 12 o'clock high and feeling a little better i thought id use the Wii to go to youtube and play 12 o'clock high the first episode for my 4 children to see on the TV.  even my 2 boys were immediately bored.  my 7 year old said he didn't like black and white.  I told him thats how it was when i was your age.  never mind they watch Andy Griffith in black and white all the time.  even my 11 year old who does not like to read picked up a crossword puzzle to do instead of watching it.  my daughter wandered off to her room after playing noisily with her sister.  no one cared and could not wait for it to end.  they just don't appreciate the good things in life.

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