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SOLD: Big Man's Double Strong Side Holsters and Belt w/ Cartridge Slides and Pouch


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Still cleaning out the Cowboy Closet, parting out items I don't use anymore, or don't fit since I shrunk....

SOLD: An older Holster Set with Belt, Cartridge Slides and a Belt Pouch for carrying your empties from the unloading table.

Had this made for me back in 2002, the dye has sun-faded over the years. I have several rigs and I don't use this one anymore.

Leather is Heavy Weight, and all in solid, supple condition. All stitching it solid, no fraying.


Holsters are Double Strong Side with a Muzzle Forward Cant, fits 4-1/2 and 5-1/2" "Old Model" Vaqueros

Heavy Lined Holsters keep their shape and the lip is flared for easier re-holstering

Belt is Suede-Lined so it stays in place, 3" Wide and 55" Long, 52" to Middle Hole

Comes with 2 Cartridge Slides that hold 5 .38's each.

Also comes with a Belt Pouch to hold your empties. Flap of Belt Pouch has a Badge Holder.


Holsters were held stationary on the belt by 2 Chicago Screws, (included) You can use the same spot or move them where you like.

I don't remember the maker's name, he had a leather business out of Ohio, but it escapes me at the moment.








99.00 plus 16.00 shipping (Large Flat Rate Box Priority Mail) anywhere in the U.S.









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