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Hi Folks,


Here is a quick (only took a few hours) version of helpful abbreviations and acronyms for our new people. If you have an addition, comment, or correction; please post it in another thread. The following thread is where I got most of these. http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=250176&hl=


10-10-4+ Common gun loading instruction meaning 10 Revolver, 10 Rifle, and 4 or more Shotgun.

12GA, 10GA, 16GA etc… Gauge of shotgun being spoken about.

170, 170 rule, break the 170… http://www.sassnet.c...ersion 21.8.pdf

1F, FFF, triple F, 4F etc... Demarcates the granularity of black powder.

45CS, C45S, 45 Cowboy, 45 Cowboy Short, 45 Cowboy Special Shortened version of the 45 Long Colt specifically for use with light cowboy loads.

'97 Usually refers to the Winchester model 1897 pump shotgun (or a modern clone) that is legal for CAS and WB

ACS Always capitalize Saloon

AD Accidental Discharge

AFAIAC As Far as I'm Concerned

AFAICT As Far as I can tell

APP American Pioneer Powder

ATSL Along the Same Lines

BOLD Benevolent Order of Law Dogs

BP Black Powder

BTT Bump to Top or Back to Top. Takes the thread to the top of the forum

CAL Caliber

CAS Cowboy Action Shooting

CIA Century International Arms. Manufacturers of reproduction firearms from the era we shoot (not to be confused with IAC)

Comstock Method of shooting where knockdown targets that fail to fall may be reengaged. Non-Comstock is where targets may not be reengaged.

CRS Can’t Remember Stuff

DRT Dead Right There

EOT End of Trail, World championship of SASS

FA Freedom Arms

FB Facebook

FFL Federal firearms license

FPS Feet per Second, bullet velocity

FS For Sale

FTF Face to Face

FWIW For what it's worth

FYI For your information

GCA Gun Control Act of 1968

GMAFB Gimme a * break

GOFWG Grumpy old farts with guns

Hammered Double SxS shotgun that has exposed hammers, also referred to as a "mule eared."

Holy Black Authentic black powder, sometimes used to refer to substitutes as well.

IAC Interstate Arms Corporation

IB2D I beg to differ

IDK I don’t know

IIRC If I remember correctly

IJA*G It’s just a * game.

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion

JM: From Larson Pettifogger's wealth of knowledge, "'JM' is the proof Marlin use to put on its rifle barrels.  Marlin was purchased by Remington several years ago.  The Remington made versions seem to have a lot of QC problems so people look for the 'JM proofmark. "

LSWC: Lead Semi Wadcutter

Leather Usually refers to holsters or similar to rig.

Lowered Hammer A hammer from a Single Action Army or reproduction (or Ruger Vaquero) in which the spur has been sloped more drastically than stock, making it easier to reach one

M02, M2c My 2 Cents

MEC Mayville Engineering Company

Miroku The folks that now make lever actions with the Winchester name on it.

ND Negligent Discharge

NIB New inBox

NOS New Old Stock

OAL Overall length of a cartridge. Rifles are very touchy about variances.

OGB: Order of the Golden Bullet, clean match

On the next stage It's in the mail

OP Original Poster or Original Post

OT Off Topic

Pard Pal, friend, short for pardner

PM Personal Message

POA Point of Aim, look here for more information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_point_of_aim

POI Point of Impact

PWB PaleWolf Brunelle, spokesman for the ROC

RBV Ruger Bisley Vaquero

Rig Leather belt, holsters, shotgun belt and other items on said belt

RNFP Round Nose, Flat point

RNV Ruger New Vaquero

ROA Ruger Old Army

ROC Range Operations Committee, group who clarify rules and determine wording used in the rule booklets


Rule Books The series of manuals that contain rules and recommendations for this sport/game. They can be found at the following Website. http://www.sassnet.com/Shooters-Handbook-001A.php

SA Single Action. See SAA

SAA Single Action Army, model 1873. The iconic pistol of the American Cowboy in which the hammer must be manually cocked between shots. SAA is a Colt registered trademark.

SBS Stealth Bullet Society, group of people who have cleaned a match, which means no misses or penalties. Details are here. http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=229389

SG Shotgun

Slicked Up Having a firearms tuned up, internals polished etc. to make them faster

SOG   Spirit of (the) Game

Soot Lords Shooters who shoot black powder

SPF Sold Pending Funds

SPI Sale Pending Inspection

SPT Sold Pending Trade

SS Short stroked. Lever or trigger pull shortened in an attempt to make shooting faster. OR Stainless Steel, depending on context

Strong side Holster on the side of shooter’s body that corresponds with their strong hand

Sweep Manner to engage a stage. Look at the following sites for definitions. Be aware, names may vary by venue. http://blackriverregulators.com/pdf_files/sweeps.pdf http://www.doublebcowboys.com/Secondary/ruledocs/Cowboy%20Action%20Sweep%20Patterns.htm

SxS Side by Side Shotgun

TCFP Truncated cone, Flat point

TG Territorial Governor, look here for the definition. http://www.sassnet.com/TG-Main-001A.php

USFA US Firearms

WB Wild Bunch, this may refer to the group that founded this sport or a style of shooting using a 1911 semi-automatic pistol instead of a single-action revolver.

W3G Western 3 Gun

WBAS Wild Bunch Action Shooting

WR Winter Range, National championship of SASS

WTB Want to Buy

WTC What’s the Call?

WTS Want To Sell

WTT Want to Trade

WWJWD What would John Wayne do, the Cowboy Way

WYSIWYG What you see is what you get

YMMV Your mileage may vary

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