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Aunt Jen

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Because I am a privacy advocate, as well as minorities.... :) ....someone mentioned to me such things as the idea of site tracking software such as is found in companies like Ghostery. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghostery


Read down the page.


While such programs can block tracking, DATA MINING and CONTRACT SALES of that data are a multi billion dollar business. And companies by and large exist to make money.


In Ghostery's case, it may be free----but it has the ability--itself---to "anonymously" track you, what you block, allegedly only if u enable ghostrank with in, and it SELLS THAT DATA BACK TO ADVERTISERS....


Conflict of interest....


I feel a quintuple Ph.D. from the world's best universities would have trouble sorting out how to defeat all the intrusiveness out there, BECAUSE MOST OF IT IS NOT ILLEGAL.


So real concerns re privacy are


1. Limit what you reveal regardless. Someone IS datamining sites and selling your data.


2. WRITE LAWMAKERS sometimes and VOTE to make intrusions illegal. (No party is referenced. Just Voting. I hope that us okay.)


Privacy is dead BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT.

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I enjoy seeing people using Facebook.

Facebook tracks all your post and every where you travel if you have GPS ability. (maps)

Even if you are not on Facebook, it continues to track the phone and data entries as long as Facebook is active and even when inactive if the Facebook cookie is not deleted.

It is a 24 hour a day tracking system.


No, I do not own a smart phone.

I do delete cookies several times a day, including other sites that place cookies on my computer.

I have seven I don't delete. Mostly forum logins.

I do not use real birth day when asked.

I do not talk about where I am going in the future.

I will talk about my travels after I get back.

I do not do banking or pay bills online.

There are times I need to buy online.

I use a credit card with a limit on it.

If I need more than the limit, I call the credit card company and tell them how much and to who.


I do what I can to limit my personal information on the net.

Do I think I am safe. Maybe more the most but I do not think anyone's information is safe on the net.

Too much information was put on the net before people where thinking keeping their information safe.


Be aware and do what you can.


Even photos using digital cameras and phones give too much information if you have not reset the information those items put in to photos.

If your camera or phone has GPS, that information is imbedded in the image along with the time and date the photo was taken.


Learn how to turn those features off. It's buried in the user manual. It is usually hard to find but you can do google searches on how to turn this stuff off.


If not turned off, every thing you do is collected and sent to a third party.

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