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Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

GOA: Another Gun Free Zone Invites, Predictably, Another Tragedy

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The GOA and Team SASS are on exactly the same page!
~ Colonel Dan ~

Last spring, as networks like MSNBC launched
five months of saturation coverage intended to force gun control on the American
people, we said, over and over and over and over again, that there was
(tragically) “another Adam Lanza” sitting out there, glued to his TV screen, and
planning his own five months of fame.”

As it became clear that Congress was not
going to pass gun control in April, MSNBC commentators said, almost wistfully,
that it would take another mass shooting to reinvigorate their cause.

Well, they got the mass shooting they were
looking for.

On Monday, a discharged Navy enlisted man
entered a “heavily secure” Naval installation in Washington D.C. and engaged in
a series of firefights, which ultimately left 12 others dead.

As the liberal media exploits this new set
of victims to resurrect its war on guns, we will say again: “There are one or
more creeps like Aaron Alexis watching your coverage and planning their own time
on your network. And, when they strike, the blood, once again, will be on your

Although we don’t know all the details, we
can make several observations:

* First, once again, the shooting occurred in a
gun-free zone, filled with ID checks and metal detectors that everyone
erroneously assumed would save them.

* Second, the
shooting occurred in a jurisdiction, Washington D.C., which has been rabid in
its efforts to take guns away from its own citizens -- and to make it illegal
for Washingtonians to defend themselves.

*Third, lest there be any question, Congress has
banned the possession of any “firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal
facility” [18 USC, Sec. 930]. Hence, they all but advertised to Alexis, that,
with the exception of security, everyone in the Naval facility would be sitting

In sum, the shooting occurred in a
jurisdiction where the firearm was illegal and in a building where firearms are
illegal. Other than banning firearms nationally, how many more illegalities do
anti-gunners intend to pile on?

Banning guns and imposing background checks
won’t stop these creeps, but armed good guys will. Remember that the Oregon
shooter last December stole his AR-15 before killing two people at the Clackamas
mall. But he retreated when he saw Nick Meli, who holds a concealed carry
permit, draw his gun and point it at him. The killer then retreated and took
his own life.

Given that putting guns in good people’s
hands will save lives, why are law-abiding personnel being disarmed here on
military bases? How ironic that when CNN’s John Roberts asked a military spouse
if she was anxious about her husband being deployed to Afghanistan (in 2009),
she responded: “At least he’s safe there and he can fire back,

Efforts will be made to scapegoat Virginia
for this most recent tragedy. But, not coincidentally, Alexis did not attack a
Virginia locale where potential victims could defend themselves with

ACTION: Contact your senators and
representative. Let them know that, despite the efforts of the liberal media to
milk this tragedy for political gain, the problem is not the Second Amendment.
The problem is anti-gun laws and policies.


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