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Turkey Legs #48384

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OK... Gotta' question... :blink:

Cowboy Sporting Clays at Gunsmoke...

I've never done it.. :mellow:

Always thought about it...

How does it work?

How much ammo is needed?


Everybody usin' Cowboy shotguns?

I see mornin' shift and afternoon shift... Same match continued?? or 2 different matches??

I'm shootin' the warm up stages.. gonna be a lot of shootin' fer an ol' fart.. :wacko:


Rance ;)

Thinkin' I'd like ta try it but... just don't know nuthin' about it.. :blush:

If like past years, it's 25 rounds spread over 5 stations. They are regular sporting clays stations, but using cowboy shotguns. Shifts don't matter, just walk up and do it when you can.

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