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Sold Pending Funds AWA Lightning .45 Colt

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I have sold an AWA 45 Colt Lightning carbine. Price was $550.00 shipped by an individual to your FFL.

As the sub headline says here are the good, bad & ugly facts.



1. Made in the USA

2. Rifle fires and the action is smooth.

3. The blueing is a very dark blue and in very good shape.

4. The forearm is checkered and very pretty.

5. The stock and forearm appear to be walnut.

6. The gun shoots point of aim.

7. It is very light and small and could make a nice rifle for a lady of other small frame shooter.

8. Elrod will do action jobs on these rifles. You just have to get in line.



1. AWA is out of business.

2. There is blow back with the 45 Colt cartridge. Normally this can be minimized with the right bullet, powder charge and crimp.

3. There are some minor scratches on the stock. Could be covered with Old English scratch cover.



1. There is 1 worm hole in the stock.

2. There is some rusting and pitting on the metal butt plate.

Both of these items could be covered up with a leather butt cover.


Thanks for looking,


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