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3rd Generation Shooting Supplies - great turnaround on order

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Following up on a post that I saw here a week or so ago, I put my first order into 3rd Generation Shooting Supplies (was Gene Sears at one time) from Oklahoma. Wow, was I impressed. Got that order with a caddy of WST powder and case of Federal small mag pistol primers shipped to me within 4 days of order. What great service!


They don't have much more than the small mag pistol primers in the Federal line right now, but if you need them, you might check it out.


They will be on my regular "trap line" to run when I need supplies from now on.




Good luck, pards, GJ

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And, if you have been looking for LP primers, I see that 3rd Gen now has the Winchester LP primers in stock, in large quantities. But, no Federals at this time.


Good luck, GJ

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