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Judge Lewis

Gun Cart Substitutes

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The Rugged Gear carts don't look very Western...


Well, I have tons of admiration for the wooden carts that have a rustic or Western look. When I attended my first cowboy match I really enjoyed looking at all the different cart designs. Lots of creativity.


I needed something that would fit into the trunk of my compact car. There are some wooden carts that can be disassembled but the jogging stroller-type carts seemed to fit my needs better. I found a used stroller on Craig's List for $30 and put a downspout splash block into the frame to support the butts of the long guns. A nylon range bag sufficed to hold my ammo and "possibles" until I replaced it with a wooden box. It breaks down in about one minute and I keep it stowed in my trunk. I'm still tinkering with it but it's lightweight, compact, and very stable over broken ground and going up and down hills.


It has two drawbacks. First, it's not heavy enough to support a really large umbrella, the kind that will provide shade and shelter for half the posse. I also don't think mine is sturdy enough to sit on once it's loaded down with guns and ammo. I keep meaning to hang a folding stool on it.


The second shortcoming is the comment you made: "It don't look very cowboy". I've been threatening to hang a cow skull on mine but I'm lacking a good place to mount it. My daughter woodburned a scene on my ammo box with a rattlesnake slithering out of a cowboy boot. With a spur (the boot, not the snake). Where there's a will, there's a way.

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