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Support for more controls ebbs

Subdeacon Joe

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Yeah, I think the "big push" by the liberal left ran out of steam because they have more important worries like finding Jobs. Which is what our elected officials should be concerned with.

They are not concerned with the economy. The only job they are concerned with is "their's".

"Never let a good crisis (like Sandy Hook, CT) go to waste". Rahm Emanuel

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I must diasagree. Today Rep. Manchin (D-WV) said he is re-introducing his legislation which was recently defeated because, to paraphrase, "people didn't understand it the first time"! This is a very dangerous tactic since most of us are exhausted from the previous battle. The clear tactic is to keep introducing this legislation until people get so disgusted they let it pass! This technique has been used in the past. Keep telling the same story with the same distorted "facts" and eventually people give in. I had to write my legislators AGAIN this morning to protest this new bill. Support for new gun legislation may be waning but that has nothing to do with a few rabid anti-gun legislators furthering their personal agendas.



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