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Colorado Update 3/20

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We do need to consider that CO has also had two mass murders of its own.

Columbine High School and Aurora theater.


Of course non of the stricter gun laws would have saved any of the victims.

The Clinton era Assault Weapons ban was in effect during Columbine killing.

And the max limit on magazines would have failed as the ultra high cap mag used jammed.


Paying for background checks will do nothing to stop/limit crime etc.

Universal background Checks on all sales would not have stopped either killing.

Yet a law on the books was not prosecuted. One of the guns in the possession of one of the Columbine killers was a straw purchase.

To the best of my knowledge that person was not prosecuted.

Mark Manes was conviocted of selling a pistol *(the Tec9) to a minor and sentenced to 6 years.


Robyn Annderson who made the straw purcases at a gunshow was never prosecuted.


Robyn K. Anderson was a senior at Columbine High School near Denver and Littleton, Colorado, and a friend of Dylan Klebold.

She made an illegal straw purchase of a rifle and two shotguns that were later used in the Columbine High School massacre. The federal and state

prosecutors did not file charges against her, stating that she did not know what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were planning and that they

could not determine if she purchased the firearms from a licensed dealer.


Shortly after the Columbine High School massacre, Robyn Anderson told the House Judiciary Committee that a background check would have made her avoid buying the weapons for Klebold and Harris.

It is speculated by some that federal authorities agreed not to prosecute her provided that she testify before the House Judiciary Committee. The evidence for this is strong given what she admitted to the committee. There is also the fact that even though she purchased the weapons from a private seller, she was still breaking the law since her purchase served to hide the identity of the final possessors (Klebold and Harris). Dylan Klebold's possession of the two shotguns and the rifle was also illegal under federal law since he was under 18 at the time of the murder spree.


Amazing. People broke gun control laws. Well, that'll never happen now by golly. <_<

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