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Information Must Lead to Action

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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Information as is and will be posted on our Team SASS Bulletin Board, is essential in our effort to preserve protect and defend our gun rights—granted. However, information without action is about as effective as a glass hammer. Nice and interesting to look at and appreciate but does not get the hard jobs done on the front lines.

The purpose of posting information on our Bulletin Board is to arm folks to engage the right target—the definition of action at this
point being to apply consistent and focused heat to politicians in great numbers and at every level. If they appear to
disregard our heat, it then becomes imperative that we increase the heat in coordination with other like minded organizations.


Getting with those organizations at the national level is my focus in representing SASS. Influencing organizations at the state and local level must be your focus. Together if our numbers increase in a combined and cooperative way, we’ll win this battle…of that I have no doubt. However, it takes each element turning the information on this Bulletin Board into tangible action at the appropriate level. My challenge to you is to take action in applying the heat and helping your state and local pro-gun organizations to effectively engage in a cooperative way.

Don’t get discouraged by the apparent disregard for your email, letters or phone calls--they're showing their arrogance and it will be that arrogance which brings on their eventual defeat.


We all knew this would be a long term endeavor so stay the course, never sound the retreat and never give up.


I salute your on-going resolution


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Very well said, sir. And we need to watch each others backs. If we run across an article about restrictions in another state, but don't see it posted here, we go ahead and post it with something in the subject line to alert those in that particular state. NY, CA, AZ, MO....doesn't matter.


Likewise, hunting, bench rest, IPSC, IDPA, N-SSA, SASS, three gun, sporting clays - doesn't matter, we are all in it together.

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Team SASS i.e. YOU ALL are doing a great job at tracking and posting pertinent information necessary to our mission.


I just want to re-emphasize at this point that the ultimate use of information is action. We must make use of this information to keep the heat on politicians from all angles!


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"Working together....We will Prevail!"


Great post!

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