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Santa Fe, New Mexico 2nd Amendment Rally

T. H. O' Sullivan

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Interesting note received today from the New Mexico Gun Owners Association:


New Mexico Gun Owners Association are inviting patriots to go to the state capitol building as part of a nationwide pro 2nd amendment rally. You are required to report for duty at the Capitol Building in Santa Fe, on February 8, 2013 at 10am. You will there be witness to some speeches on your rights as citizen patriots, and you will then be directed to find your senator and representative and let them know how you feel about your self defense and firearms rights, and that you will stand firm in your convictions. You may be armed at this rally, but firearms are not required. Open and concealed carry (with permit) is legal outside and inside the Roundhouse and the State Police are friendly and courteous and aware of your rights to carry. They will not bother you if you behave in a like manner. So be courteous and helpful to those you meet and come into contact with. Most importantly, please be there. There is strength in numbers and the greater the number....


Gotta love this State, where you can carry your firearms right into the Capitol Building (Roundhouse). It doesn't hurt that our Governor, Susana Martinez, carries herself.


T.H. O'Sullivan

Black Mesa Ranch

New Mexico


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We've got one happening in Nashville that weekend as well!! Even one of my guitar players is planning to make it!! :FlagAm::FlagAm:

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I'll be back out that way at the end of March..Sorry I'm gonna miss it!


I was pleasantly surprised at how pro-gun N.M. is, since I had heard much of the state tended to lean to the left..Actually it's more pro-gun than my home state is nowadays, seems folks out there still have some common sense..I ain't looking forward to returning to my current work situation, but I am looking forward to being back in New Mexico, the wife and I both love the place-The "Land Of Enchantment" is a most appropriate slogan!


And thankful as well that I do have a decent-paying job with benefits when so many don't have one at all right now..

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