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Three E-Mails sent

Knarley Bob

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The second amendment,as you know, was put into place to keep the power with the people of this country.

There is only ONE reason a government would want to dis-arm it's people. A government for the people,by the people, would not, should not fear it's self or it's people.

Dictators, and Czars fear thier people for good reason, tyranical rule.

Please tell me, why is MY government trying so hard to dis-arm me? Are the good "good ol' days" of British style rule on our door-step once again? I thought we already fought that war.

Enough of dis-arming the peasants, there is more important work to be done,Like getting this country on the move again!

Thank you for your time,


Bob Hoeck


Thats what I sent to 2 Senators and one Rep. Folks, it isn't that hard, and I got a favorable responce fron one already. If you don't tell them, they won't know :FlagAm:



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