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Edgewood Wal*Mart Shotgun Shells

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After picking up our registration packets my wife and I stopped by the Wal*Mart in Edgewood for some shopping. I checked out the shotgun shell supply since some pards shop for their EOT shotgun shells there. The selection was disappointing. The were no AAs in stock nor any Remington green STS shells though their were plenty of gold ones (too high velocity for CAS). If one wanted bulk packs of Winchester of Federals, there were plenty. Some shoot these in '97s. However there were none of the smooth sided, lower velocity shells preferred by SxS shooters. If you need any bring them with you or buy them in ABQ.


Added info 6/17: Sportmans Warehouse has no low noise/low recoil AAs ("Featherlites") either. They do have plenty of target AA loads however. They are also out-of-stock of any Remington percussion caps.


Added info: On Friday one of my posse members reported Wal*Mart got their Winchester Featherlites and other target-grade shotgun shells in. Many shooters made a quick trip to pick up ammo.

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