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Zack McGee, SASS #46908

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Who makes the decision where the match will be held?



That is the $99.00 question.


A club wanting to hold the match absent a club that has been running said match, has to apply for it to SASS. If more than one club applies, it gets sent to a vote by the TG's in that state. Once a club "wins" the vote, they have control of everything including the date and place.


AS the old saying goes.....careful what you ask for, for you may get it!


I am "assuming" that St. Augustine has applied for it, but the real question is who else has applied?


Not being coy here, I have no idea and don't really want to know at this point. I just want a good match to attend next year.



Dang It

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Of course, no dates will be perfect for everyone, so it will be a compromise.


The change has already been decided - it won't be in Orlando. Moving 100 miles north will slighly increase the chance for colder (and maybe wetter) weather as Dan has pointed out.


The average temperature difference is only a couple of degrees difference comparing the two locations, but when it gets colder and wetter, a few degrees can make a big difference.


I thought a week or so later would slightly help the temperature difference and i always wondered why they did not take advantage of the holiday (Martin Luther King Day).


The monthly match is held on the second weekend of the month in Orlando, so by having the Last Stand on the same weekend kept conflicts with the other disicplines on the range at a minimum. Of course now that the match as moved it is no longer a factor.

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