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Linn Keller's Review of Valetine's Revenge

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Hey y'all, Linn Keller has graciously consented to send a review of my new book, Valentine's Revenge, to the SASS Chronicle, but I thought I'd give you fine folks a sneak look at it. Here it is:



I respectfully submit the following review for Charlie Macneil's new book, "Valentine's Revenge."

Very truly yours,

Linn Keller, SASS 27332



Charlie Macneil has another book out.

I do commend Valentine's Revenge most heartily to your attention!

It's been said one writes best what one knows best, and Charlie writes with the authenticity of the man who well knows what he's talking about!

When he describes terrain, or grass, or a stream, I can feel it underfoot, see its lie and its rise, I can see the sunlight on the water and hear it laugh as it ripples down its rocky bed.

Charlie tells a tale of revenge and of justice, a tale of loss and of gain, a tale with surprises and twists and a deep satisfaction that this is the way it's supposed to be, and the way it's supposed to be told.

Don't get me wrong now.

This is no idealized, saccharine, everyone-is-perfect-and-flawless, black-white-and-unambiguous penny dreadful.

Anything but!

The characters are imperfect, human, even flawed on occasion; none are clairvoyant, clairscient, omnipotent; ... in other words, they are human, credible and frankly the kind of people I have either known in this lifetime, or could easily have known, then or now.

I've re-read the book twice since my original reading ... no, not reading: when I received it, it wasn't so much I read it, as I absolutely devoured it! -- and if I describe much more I'll be letting the proverbial feline out of the burlap, and I don't want to do that.

No, let me instead recommend you read this book.

Read this book and know what it is to buck out a good horse, to cut into a steak with a good looking woman across the table from you, to drop that sixth round in the chamber of your revolver.

Read this book and sway a little as the stage coach lurches over the dirt road, just before the first gunshot turns an uncomfortable ride into screaming chaos.

Read this book and feel the cool dampness of the mineshaft, knowing that with your next footfall you could find escape, or justice, or a swift and most unpleasant death.

Read this book.

This I promise you:

You will not be disappointed!


Respectfully submitted,

Linn Keller

Author of the Sheriff's Trilogy

and contributor to Belle Alley's Firelands

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BTT just once for y'all who may not have seen it and desperately want to... :D

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