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(SOLD) Pietta Stainless 1858 Parts


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SOLD: Some Stainless Steel Pietta parts that I've had for a while, have not been used.


1. Stainless .44 commemorative barrel dated "1981" on one side and "International Association of Chiefs of Police" on the other side.

Front sight and Loading Lever latch are attached.

2. Stainless Loading Lever assembly, includes loading lever, plunger and plunger pin, assembled

3. Stainless Hammer

4. Stainless Trigger

5. Stainless Base Pin


Hammer, Trigger, and Base Pin are oversize and will need to be fitted.


picture can be seen at:

Pietta Stainless Steel Parts


110.00 includes shipping!


Also available are fitted case-colored hammers, triggers, bolts, bolt springs and other miscellaneous parts.... If you're looking for something for the Pietta 1858, I might have it.

Paypal accepted.

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