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Winchester '94

Chief Rick

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I picked this Winchester up after finding it in a local gun store.


Never owned a .30-30 before and couldn't pass this one up.


Someone previously installed a crescent butt-plate and I am not real thrilled about the fit...


Did Winchester offer factory engraving such as this?


I gave it to my oldest daughter as an early Christmas present.













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According to the Winchester historian - this particular carbine was manufactured in 1964 and no rifles made in that year were factory engraved.


He also feels the crescent butt plate is an aftermarket addition. Kinda glad of that, I think I will look for a replacement stock.


He said that many of the '94 Winchesters made around that time were engraved in Japan.


I didn't buy this rifle for an investment so who did the engraving is irrelevant to me. I was just curious as to whether it was factory done.


My daughter likes everything about it but the recoil.


We also shot a H&R Handi Rifle in .45-70 last Saturday (Ultra Max 405 gr factory loads) and she enjoyed shooting it more than the .30-30 with 150 gr factory loads.

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