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Where In The Rules-------


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------does it state that it is legal to reverse the triggers in a double? Just curious.

Good timing - the Weatherman just warned that La Nina was coming back this winter and it was going

to be a long, cold, wet one . . . . I see the first of the clouds gathering even now as we speak . . ..



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OK...if y'all don't consider that a rule interpretation as posted by the spokesperson for the ROC and confirmed by the Chairman of the Range Operations Committee (Snakebite) adequately addresses the issue, then I'll see about getting this "specific exception" added to the Firearms Covenants in the next edit of the Shooters Handbook...thus making the rule book even MORE "voluminous and complicated".


...but I can guarantee nothing in that regard.




Attaboy, then we can tell MORE what is EXPRESSLEY REFERENCED, and know what is or is not EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.



Ned, if ya don't like to read the post, ya are able to skip over it, or had ya rather gripe about it. Your choice for sure.

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If you're as slow as I am moving your trigger finger from the front trigger to the back trigger, and if you're mechanically challenged (as I DEFINITELY am)and afraid to try any gun modification on your own, try this: pull the rear trigger with your middle finger and then the front trigger with you forefinger. Just don't stick both fingers into the triggers at the same time. Rear trigger with middle finger and then front trigger with forefinger.

I've done this for well over one hundred matches and only had one "oopsie" where I set off both barrels at the same time.

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