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Bright House Networks Outage

Cypress Sun

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Last Tuesday (9/6/11) Bright House Networks had a major problem creating an all day outage of of cable, phone and internet services all across the state of Florida. I had the day off and was looking forward to watching the Nascar race on tv. About 15 laps into the race, the cable went out...then phone and internet. Even if you called them, all you got was a busy signal.


Fast forward to today. Got the bill today....no adjustment for the outage. I called them requesting an adjustment for the day's outage. To my surprise there was no hassle or arguement. They gave me a credit of $7.98 which was almost double what I was looking for.


Moral of the story; If you did not recieve the service you paid for, give them a call......you'll probably recieve a credit. One of the most money saving 3 minutes I've spent on the phone in some time. :)


Thought you Dish Network folks would want to know.



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