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Long Jim Hancock

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Just got these updated numbers from 'Mo'after EOT counts and with additional info:

"Long Jim,

Got the figures from SASS. With what I turned in after EOT, the balance is:




I will be sending in, on or after the 15th, a total of $1,250 in addition to the above (a donation from the Cowboy Church and a $1,000 matching donation that was from EOT where an anonymous donor offered to give $1,000 if over $1,000 was raised at EOT for raffle sales).


Assuming we get the $2,000 from a grant that has been applied for, we will be at $35,591.23!!!


There was also a raffle that was done at the closing ceremony, as I understand it, that should see an additional $600 coming in from the donors of the items.


When that hits, it would put us at $36,191.23.


ALMOST 1/2 WAY!!!!!

'Mo' " :FlagAm:

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