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Texasn Loadmaster Model D

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I have been given a Texan Loadmaster Model D shotgun reloader. It is missing the charge bar and appears to not have any crimper for plastic hulls. Anyone have any experience with this loader, any idea of replacement parts, etc, or should I just turn it into a lamp?


Thanks in advance!

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Guest diablo slim shootist

I found this on google-hope it helps



I have 5 Texan Reloaders: two model M II, two model M IV's which are both progressive and a model FW which is a single stage. I bought my FW in about 1969 and I believe the M' were purchased in the early 60's to early '70's. They were made in Dallas Texas by ROTEX Manufacturing Co, later Texan Reloaders, Inc. (acording to the parts lists that came with the loaders). located at 8305 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX (before zip codes) later the address was P.O. Box 5355, Dallas, TX 75222 (phone no. 214-637-4590)


The machines are rock solid and at the time were top of the line along with PW's being the only competition in this high price range. I believe the M's sold for about $150 new, which was also the price for PW's. Mec and Pacific ran around $50-75. Which means they were and still are premium loaders.


Texan's were high priced (limited sales) and under financed and had financial problems from the word go. I last heard of them having a parts distribution facility up in Washington State in the early to mid '80's and I have not heard of them since then.


The machines are great. If the pre-crimper is damages use a spindex (they are interchangable). Hornaday powder bushing are interchangable, but make certain you weigh you powder- as the drop tables are different.


A word of warning - forget the resizer, use a Mec grabber resizer and take the resizing die off your machine.


good luck and I hope you enjoy your Texan's as much as I do mine.

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