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Gunner Gatlin, SASS # 10274


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Had a jam today in my rifle...trying to figure out the cause, Ketchum Quick came up to me to help out whether it was operator error or indeed an issue with the rifle. Keep in mind that he is the Match Director and has many other responsibilities than to help me out with my simple issue. He explained a couple things, then methodically took apart the rifle explaining the mechanics and that there is an order to putting it back together. For me, I just figured hit and miss until I got it right. After assembly it was smoother than after the way I put it together originally. Like KQ said "dont' worry pard...it's the Cowboy Way...we're here to help"


It was abour 88 deg F today and sunny with a high humidity factor. The folks putting on the match had PLENTY of water on hand and even provided a canopy to shade the folks.


My 'THANKS' to KQ, and so many others that make the match work smoothly and comfortable.


It was a sad feeling knowing that Greeenriver will never shoot with us again, but at the same time I bet he was there in spirit having as much fun as anybody. Miss ya pard...wish I could have gotten to know you more.


Now as far as Crazy Mingo and me - couldn't tell ya. We both had a number of misses, but he had a 'P'. As far as I am concerned we are still head-to-head and will be gunnin' for each other tomorrow.


Our theme at this 2-day is 'Unforgivin' ~ boy does it feel like it!


See you tomorrow pards! Let's make BIG smoke and shoot for grins.


GG ~ :FlagAm:


who also had a costume malfuction: suspender button snapped off

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Sure wish I was there at tonight's festivities.


See y'all tomorrow.



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