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Thanks White Mtn Regulators

Iron Pony

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Thanks to all the folks of the White Mtn Regulators who got my/our season kicked off yesterday with a fun six stage shoot. Some new props, new targets, perfect weather and a bunch of old friends made for a great day. Gunfighter friendly stages all around with the targets up close and personal which is a great way to start out. The RM conversions with the Army grip point so naturally I only had one miss, and if you've seen me shoot thats pretty damn good. Doc McCoy came through as promised and I think my old stoeger may become a backup gun as the TTN works fine, even straight out of the box. Going to sit down with Labouche this week and "help" him slick it up which shouldnt take long at all.


So again thanks to everyone for the good day of shooting and fun.

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Ditto on the thanks for lettin' me join in even though I was only a third outfitted (and even hat-less I might add). Was good to meet you Iron Pony.


Only one miss for me too on my first stage, but then I was only shooting the pistols.



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For the first shoot of the year we couldn't have had much better weather. We even had a slight breeze to move the smoke along.


I'm surprised more didn't shoot, but I guess they had more important things like leaf raking, ceiling painting, etc. to do.


I like the new 18" x 24" plates for pistol! Definitely nice when shooting gunfighter style.



Our next shoot is Saturday, May 7th at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH.

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