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  1. I believe that the aluminum one came from Arizona Sharpshooters which is now defunct. I heard that the son was going to open it up again but I cant find the website.
  2. I have one from Sage for my High Wall, nicely made and durable.
  3. Look at the second item #20, it is what I use. https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=26&cat=Uberti+1875+Outlaw+and+1890+Police You can also send your original springs to a cowboy gunsmith like The Smith Shop and get them lightened.
  4. I found some new at Grafs for a reasonable price but would have preferred once fired because I'm spending a bundle online during this shutdown
  5. I prefer Winchester over Starline (walls too thick) as Win brass is thinner and when annealed expands to seal the chamber and block blow back and keep the lifter area clean.
  6. jakeleg, thanks, was hoping to pay less than retail
  7. Howdy, looking for around 500 each once fired or new Winchester 45 colt brass. Thanks Willy
  8. PM'ed for the Classic Old West Styles light greenish/blue and white stripes XL
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