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  1. I just bought from Buffalo Arms, (208) 263-6953 . Being in New Hampshire I pay the max shipping...your's may be less. Schuetzen 2-F Black Powder SCH2F 25 $440.00 Subtotal $440.00 Shipping & Handling $62.66 Discount -$83.60 Grand Total $419.06
  2. I had a DIY version of that. Worked pretty good but I found I was not giving every case consistently the same treatment so I went for an Annealeez I usually do about 2k per season and reload them once or twice, then re-anneal over the winter. Also anneal my 45-70.
  3. Deadhead, how did you anneal them? I have a machine for future reference.
  4. If you are a 45 colt BP shooter then annealing 45 colt brass absolutely makes a huge difference, maybe even a ginormous difference in blow back which is especially useful in your rifle. I've been annealing for 5 or 6 years now and I would not go back. Actually I did this past weekend when I forgot my rifle ammo and had to borrow non-annealed rounds. The weather was horrid, very hot and what felt like 100% humidity..something my 1860 Henry and I don't care for anyway but on the first stage by the 9th round I had to fight to lever the gun. Didn't think much of it because I was so miserable from the weather but after struggling through the second stage I took at look at my horribly fouled rifle and realized that I needed to clean and Ballistol it after every stage. When I got home I had to take the rifle apart and clean it....the first time I did that in 4 years because my annealed brass keeps the receiver clean...I shoot at least 30 matches a year plus in the backyard and go through about 30lbs of BP a season so I think I've got enough practical experience to make this claim. I did try various crimps, bigger bullets etc but only annealing made a difference. I also use Winchester brass which is supposed to have the thinnest neck wall. Willy
  5. Why don't you have man sized belts?
  6. Driftwood, After reading your post I don't understand why you never have enough loaded ammo for the next match Willy
  7. I only ever shoot black, and switched to all 2f years ago because it was too much trouble making sure I had enough of each size. I go through about 30lbs/year. Remington 1858 factory conversions, 1860 Henry and a Winchester 1887.
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