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Need Help in Fla

Goldsmith SASS #29116

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My problem is pretty simple. I have been sidelined with an injury and am not allowed to fly to Fla. Daughter moved to the Orlando area (west side)in June. I was supposed to fly down this weekend and hang the last of the curtain rods in the new apartment. Since I am not allowed to go I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy handyman for lack of a better term to complete the project. I'm not expecting anyone to provide this service personally. But do any of you know of a reliable handyman or such service like that in the area? First time for both of us not to be there for each other; and it has been a pretty tough pill to swallow. So I thought I would turn to the people I trust the most .....cowboys. Thank in advance for any help. If you'd rather call me personally than post here, my number is (937)286-4653.





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