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I have several WWII Era Coins for sale.

Buy the remining seven coins for $25.00 shipped.


Two Australian pennies 1942 and 1943, they measure 1.25 inches in diameter (see photo compared to a U.S. penny). They have a kangaroo on the tail side and a profile of George VI on the other. He was the King in the recent movie The King's Speech. Colin Firth played his role. $5.00 each




Also a 1945 half penny measures 1 inch in diameter, also featuring George VI. $5.00




I have a 1943 East African 10 cent piece. Has George VI name but no profile. Most likely if it did there would be a hole in his head. Don't ask me why but it does have the hole through it for some reason. Not a bullet hole. This coin is the same size as the pennies above. $5.00




There are two more pennies 1- 1916 and another 1918 both WWI coins with George V profile whom is George VI father. That wasn't hard to figure out. Neptune is on the tail side. $5.00 each




Here is a Chinese coin marked The Republic of China 10 Cash on one side and crossed flags on the other with Chinese markings. Occupation money? I'm not sure. $5.00




All of the above came from an estate of a WWII vet. Can't prove if he had brought them back from the Second World War but I would like to think so.


The following is a 1952 Island of Jersey Liberation Coin, I say1952 because Elizabeth II is on it and that is the year she became monarch of England. This one twelfth of a shilling (measures 1.250 inches in diameter) commemorates the liberation of The Island of Jersey in 1945


On the first of July 1940 the Island of Jersey was occupied by German troops and became, along with the other Channel Islands, the only British soil to be occupied during the Second World War. On the 9th of May 1945, a British force liberated the island and the German Commanding Officer was taken aboard the H.M.S Beagle where he signed terms of surrender. $7.50 SPF to Paisano



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I'll take the Isle of Jersey liberation coin. Sent you a PM. Thanks, PP

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