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2011 Cowboy Memorial Chapel Fundraising Raffles

Long Jim Hancock

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Coyote Calhoun has Updated and re-charged the Raffle links on the SASS Home Page

for the 2011 Cowboy Memorial Chapel Fundraising raffles!


There's THREE raffles listed where anyone can support the building of the

Cowboy Memorial Chapel at Founders Ranch New Mexico.


There's : * All The Goods II raffle filled with lots of great prizes donated by SASS vendors and friends.

* Just the Guns raffle, featuring firearms donated by PIETTA, CHIAPPA, RUGER, REDWING, and An engraved 1849 pistol converted to .22 by the late Frank Leahman (Texas Jack Omohundro) donated by Billy Boots.

* SASS Life Membership raffle with SASS Gold badge #90000!

You can check out the prizes and raffles here: Cowboy Memorial Chapel Fundraising raffle page


Wimpy and Whiney Lindholm have donated another FIVE sets of UNIQUE old-time spurs to be included in the "All The Goods II" raffle prize list. These spurs are unique with the "Praying Cowboy" concho, and this style as with the first five sets raffled in 2010, will NEVER be made again.

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There is a bad link in the Just the Guns section when you hit BUY. Until it gets fixed you can still do it you just need to delete the word ‘chapel’ from the url then hit refresh.


As a new SASS member I am glad I can jump in and help out.


Irish Rambler

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks Irish!

The "glitches" are being worked out as we speak..

Thanks for the info and your


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