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Leadnose Calhoun

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I have noticed that some pards want to know about TB in the Lee Autodisk. There was no chart per se, so I made up one using the cavity volumes from Lee and the VMD info from IMR powders. This is not an endorsement of any load, nor a guarantee of actual weights thrown. It is a guideline based on provided manufacturer data. Follow the link and have fun.




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Howdy Leadnose Calhoun,


I made my own by throwing 4 charges and use charge range (normally about .2 of a grain range with all disk) instead of an average; I throw two just by working the measure and one by tapping the side of the hopper and one I tap the hopper about 3 or 4 times.

Their figures on the capacity of the disk are on the conservitive side; you will find the charges a little light, which won't hurt anything unless you are loading light.


Check these charges bofore using it.

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