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went to gun show today

Trigger Mike

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I went to the same gun show I go to most every time at the North Atlanta Trade center. I like to take something with me under the guise I am going to sell something so I don't feel so bad about being there. I took a M1 Carbine I had bought from the CMP. I paid 575, plus 23 shipping plus 15 for the magazine and 8 for shipping for that. I figured 650 is fair. I saw very few American surplus guns compared to what I used to see. I saw mostly German metals, knives etc. A few Jap rifles and small handful of German rifles. Ammo everywhere, stacks of it. Lost of Russian Rifles. More than usual lugers. More German Helmets than usual. No one wanted to buy my rifle. One guy claimed they were sold by the CMP for 300. I don't know what year that was but it was not anytime recently. Several tables had junk, broken rifles, rifles missing parts, One guy had several worn out stocks. I only saw to slings for the M1 Carbine and the repros were priced at 20 and I am used to paying 10. I went for the Carbine slings and garand slings. I bought some bullets and a stock that I want to paint pink for my daughter and kept my carbine. I remember when if you walked to a table they advertised their gun was a CMP gun, now everyone sneers at them. There were some CMP bayonets for 150 when I know they paid 65 as the CMP still has them for that price. Lots of AR 15s, M1A from Springfield and AK and AR accessories.

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