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Idea for unused buckles

Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

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While at the convention i was aware of a certain shooter who had bought a Buckle to support the Salt lake city Boy Scout shooting program. As I recolect the shooter dint need the buckle, he saw a young lad with his parents and grandparents, and asked if he could give the young lad the buckle, well of course they said yes, the lil yad was beside himself!


So, if you have a drawer full of buckles, what to do with them? How about giving them to brass pickers, or other youngins hanging around the shoot.....


Or iffn as I once saw Cody Coneghar do, gave up his buckle he had just won at WR to a shooter who had won her category, WR hadn't planned on the category but at the last minute they did, so her gave up his buckle.. class.



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