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Good man, you cheated, you've seen the video?




Not sure the bold text is a safety issue? Blocking is good to prevent your location; see the video...........


Actually, I've not seen the video - just personal experience. However, I've been told that if you're not cheatin', you're not tryin' hard enough...


The potential safety issue that I see is the trigger finger moving down from along side the frame towards the trigger guard so the laser can be directed to the potential target. I'm just anal about safety, that's all - I don't like to have my finger anywhere near the trigger unless I've made the decision to fire and my weapon is pointed at the threat. I've seen examples of 'sympathetic muscle reaction' discharges that may have been prevented had the trigger finger been properly placed along side the receiver. I guess I like to eliminate as many of the variables as possible; especially if the fecal matter is impacting the oscillating air circulation device...

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