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  1. Yep, still there that I remember. Didn’t pay much attention last time through-was too focused on gettin’ home.
  2. If you have a ‘healthy’ appetite, visit the Big Texan Steak House. They have a challenge that if you can eat their 72 oz. steak, all the sides and the whole drink in one hour or less, the entire meal is on the house. You even get a t-shirt and your picture up on their wall of fame. I hiked in Palo Duro canyon when I was there a few years ago. November should be good hiking weather for you. The only other thing I can suggest is what was suggested to me by one of the locals... ’Drive East on the Interstate for about 10-15 miles, until you come to one of the overpasses that carries the I-40 over one of the cross roads. Pull over on the overpass, lay a dime on the ground and stand on it and y’all be able to see Dallas’. Have a great trip!
  3. I can’t believe they would have the mental capacity to understand that comment...
  4. My holster should fit your gun, as it is said to be the same dimensions as a Colt SAA. $50.00 buys the holster and shipping. I tried to PM you, but the messaging center indicated you couldn’t receive PMs. If you PM me, we can discuss the particulars. Thanks. WWB
  5. New model vaquero or old model? I have a San Pedro Saddlery RH crossdraw that I believe would fit a NMV.
  6. Another of my childhood baseball stars gone. RIP Mr. Brock-you gave me many exciting Saturdays and good memories.
  7. Biden is the Dem’s Trojan Horse. God help us all if he wins...
  8. Around these parts, we call it ‘fail mail’.
  9. Would that make it a ‘rifle of color’? Sorry, I just got done reading a previous thread regarding such an issue...
  10. I vote for Rip going Terminator. Good chance for the other options as well. On a related note, has anyone tried the Yellowstone bourbon yet? Can’t seem to find any in N Texas.
  11. Sounds easy enough. Thanks for your help, fellas. WWB
  12. I’m looking to sell one of my guns in the Classifieds, but I don’t know how to post pictures. I’m looking for the easiest way possible, without having to go to a site like Photobucket. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Pards!
  13. Hell, Pat-it’s that way in my garage every morning. At least during June, July and August anyway...
  14. RIP sir. You’ always be remembered as a good guy.
  15. He was shakin’ like a dog s#!//!n’ peach pits! He couldn’t find his a$$ in a phone booth; with both hands in his back pockets...and a road map! I’m not going to stand here and blow sunshine up your a$$. Happier than a hound dog licking his b@//s in a butcher shop! Colder than my ex-wife’s stare... If you fall off that thing and kill yourself, don’t come crying to me! I’m so hungry, I could eat the a$$ out of a rag doll! He’s so broke, he couldn’t afford to put sweat in a dirt sandwich. There’s more, but I’ve used up enough bandwidth... (I know; thank God!!)
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