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  1. It’s starting to get that way, for sure. Next thing you know, sub-.500 teams will be in with a chance to win the Series.
  2. And let’s not forget the 1st base coach and the umpire. The two latter are not always 6’ or more apart from the players.
  3. Rye, it pains me to even put this thought out there, but here goes... For all of those individuals who want to change the game for the sake of efficiency, and take the human element out of it for the sake of progress, welcome to the ‘virtual strike zone’. I’m guessing that it will be similar to the one they use on the Elite Socialist Propaganda Network during their Sunday game of the week. With all of this social distancing stuff, and this ‘new normal’ they’re all talking about, I fear that this might become a reality someday in the near future. I hope I’m wrong. I really do hope that they just leave the game alone; it ain’t broke and there’s no need to fix it. Sorry, I just don’t respond well to change. Even if it’s something that could, but may not even happen. What do you think?
  4. Last I heard, they were talking about an 82- game season to start in July, with 14 teams to play in the post-season. If they expand the post-season any more, we’ll be hanging Christmas decorations by game 7 of the Series. Geesh!
  5. I sure hope you get to make some calls this year. What level are you umpiring in?
  6. Thanks. Ya made my heart skip a couple of beats. Be careful with us older folks; some do have heart issues.
  7. I thought we were going to talk about baseball. Heaven knows they’re not doing it anywhere else.
  8. I don’t like wings. I’v always been a breast man myself...
  9. Y’know Pat... I read a lot of your posts, and the problem I see with you is that you never say what’s on your mind. C’mon- let it all out. You’ll feel so much better for it. WWB
  10. Man, I need to find a place like that right about now... I shaved today, and was tempted to take the razor to my scalp.
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