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  1. Thanks Dave. I'll see you and your (my?) 45-70 rifle on Sat.
  2. I came into a pair of well used 1858 Remington conversions in .45. They had some reliability issues in the beginning, but I think I've worked out most of them and they've been running pretty good if I keep them really clean. I would like to work on repairing/replacing worn parts that may be causing some intermittent issues like cylinder binding during cocking. There does seem to be some fore-to-aft cylinder play, as well as some slight overall looseness of the cylinder in it's relation to the base pin. I'm told that the Italian made parts are somewhat soft compared to what is available (?) from American manufacturers. I've looked, and asked around, but cannot find any of these American manufacturers. Any suggestions here? In a last case scenario, who is a reputable 1858 'smith I could send my guns to if need be? Thanks for your help, Pards. WWB
  3. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I can watch so I get it right?
  4. Sadly, priorities of this nature are a common occurrence now-a-days.
  5. Prayers up for your Nilsa. I too am a firm believer that PRAYERS WORK!!! God Bless. WWB
  6. Thanks Pards - my non-social media savvy self appreciates the help! WWB
  7. I'd like to contact him for some of his famous Marlin shell carrier work.
  8. Like that old saying from back in the 70’s goes; ”Its better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it”. BTW,+1 to Chili Ron’s logic!
  9. Probably not-got too much going on here this summer with relatives coming to visit, among other things. A trip up to the PRNY may be in the offing next year though. Please give everyone at the Long Riders my best. I'll send you pix when they kill enough cattle to make me a set of chaps....
  10. Thanks, Nawlins. I've always shot 45's (and always will), and I like shooting my hammered double; even though they both put me at a disadvantage in my current category. Hey, it's about the cool toys and the fun anyway, right? CC just seems the logical thing for me to do right now. I'm looking forward to having even more fun this season!
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