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  1. Congrats, Hairtrigger! Great shootin!! WWB
  2. Prayers up for a successful surgery, and a quick recovery. WWB
  3. Wow Dave - you invented 'SPUSHI'!!
  4. Creepy...??? How about the stupid blue cartoon bears using toilet paper as an aphrodesiac? But, on the other hand, if it weren't for commercials, I wouldn't know that: >My bladder has blue eyes >My lower intestines are a redhead chick that follows me everywhere >My turds are purple before they come out. Who knew???
  5. Try: www.emf-company.com Also try: www.buffaloarms.com
  6. Yep, for sure. My new front sight for the '95 Marlin came in and I installed it today. Can't wait to shoot it.
  7. It's not so much the trigger flopping around that bothers me, it's the excessive amount of creep that occurs after the upper sear is fully seated in the full cock notch of the hammer. I was wondering if there's a jig that can be purchased, or maybe a technique that's out there that would allow me to reduce the bearing surface of the full cock notch on the hammer, similar to the technique of reducing the height of the hammer hooks on a 1911. I believe this would help eliminate a lot of the creep that I'm experiencing in the let-off.
  8. I smoothed out the action pretty good on my new-to-me '73. The only thing remaining is to remove the excessive creep from the trigger. It's so bad, that if I pull the trigger on stage 1, the hammer doesn't let off until stage 2. I haven't attempted any trigger work on a '73 rifle yet, and I would be appreciative of any tips or techniques anyone could send my way. Thanks! WWB
  9. I follow the directions on the LEE Factory Crimp die - works perfectly on my 45-70 rounds.
  10. Falling asleep whilst you are reading. Zzzzz
  11. Thanks Dave. I'll see you and your (my?) 45-70 rifle on Sat.
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