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Shoot in the cold!

No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

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We shot in the cold today 38*, but not much wind, and nobody was cold. But we cheated! We used burn barrels at each stage. Put one by the loading table and one where the ro and spotters can stand close. SAFETY WARNING-NEVER EVER, NO MATTER WHAT THE BARREL HAS HAD IN IT_CUT TOP OFF WITH TORCH. THEY CAN/WILL EXPLODE. Cut the top off with the proper tool or a hatchet and hammer (eaier than it sounds). After the top is off then you can use troch to cut air slits in sides and a few drain holes in bottom. Or for authenticity use bullet holes. Use firewood and used motor oil to get started. After you get the paint burnt off it'll settle into a nice wood fire. The barrel will heat up and put off lots of heat. You can use 55 gal barrels of the smaller 30 gallon gear oil drums. Don't throw the trash in and save them just for heating with wood. You can even clean up the range by burning the sticks and old wood props. Nobody wants to be cold...but you can still have fun in the winter.......SHOOT SAFE SHOOT OFTEN

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